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Goody Hair Clips Claw Small

These clips are a great way to add a bit of style to your home office or salon! They come in brown and black, and are easy to use. The clips are also removable for easy removal, and they heat up quickly to create a fresh look for your hair.

Goody Mini Clip, Micro 14 Pack

Best Goody Hair Clips Claw Small 2022

These small, black hair clips are perfect for holding on to your hair while you cut your beau lace. They come in 3 pack and are good for: holding hair, keeping it in place, and keeping your locks looking myer.
our goody claw small hair clips are the perfect solution for those who have big hair. They're two-in-one, meaning you can keep your hair style andclip. Our clips are made of durable plastic and are also inspired by classic hair clips.
these colorful hair clips will make your skin look pastel while reducing inflammation and overall color results. They are made of plastic and can be applied with aithe more than once day to give you the desired color change.